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What is Heritage Conservation?

Heritage conservation deals with the actions or processes that are aimed at safeguarding the character-defining elements of a cultural resource so as to retain its heritage value and extend its physical life.

Heritage conservation doesn’t mean freezing a building in time, creating a museum or tying the hands of property owners so they can’t do anything with their properties. Instead, it seeks to maintain and thereby increase the value of buildings by keeping their original built form and architectural elements, favouring their restoration over replacement or demolition, and, when the restoration is not possible, respectfully recreating scale, period, and character.

Heritage Conservation provides concrete benefits to property owners, businesses, developers and the community as a whole:

Heritage conservation and designation increases property values – both the restored building and surrounding properties.
Heritage conservation improves urban environments and gives them their distinctive character.
Conservation reduces construction and demolition waste and uses less than half the energy of new construction. It is therefore, sustainable.
Heritage conservation encourages tourism and helps businesses attract customers.

Why is the conservation of heritage important?

Conservation of heritage buildings is very crucial because it provides a sense of identity and continuity in a fast-changing world for a future age. Heritage buildings basically represent the past history and culture of one nation. They constitute together and formed the architectural heritage of an area.


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